Pass the Parcel

An object centred around giving and receiving gifts to encourage interaction through collective contribution to make music. This offers people with dementia an opportunity to participate during music therapy sessions in an easy way helping them to connect with the person they choose to pass the parcel to, this has helped to establish new and build upon existing relationships within the care home. This focuses on inclusive design with it’s subtle athritis-friendly feature to increase grip making it easier to hold.

How does it work?

As the parcel moves from person to person new layers (instrument loops) are activated creating a backing track for the group to sing along to.

Electronics Engineer:

pass the parcel lift copy


This prototype is being funded and supported by the More Than Profit programme, which is a UAL Social Enterprise support programme (More Than Profit is run by SEE/Student Enterprise & Employability in partnership with UAL DESIS Lab and the UK Social Enterprise Charity UnLtd).

logos funding

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